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Code speak

Some notes about code, if you are interested!

Usually I have the characters speak pretty plainly because it's easier given the space and time I have for these scenes. However, I don't want to break your suspension of disbelief. They can't just be out and about talking about secret plans, even if they are in a place where most people are listening for them (like Candere, it's basically full of informants for different cells in the system).

I'm going to start using these brackets when they're speaking in code. I've had Tanwen and Sohrab use code in the past when it was pretty clear it was a threat, but when it came to trying to express more complicated ideas in code I thought this would be the best way to show they are using code for sensitive subjects!

Many cells have a sort of shorthand they use only within the cell; there is also a really basic code system for all system members; and the Coaches also have a sort of whistle communication they use on the road -- whistles carry a lot further!

If you like background information about the world and origin stories, there are over two dozen on patreon!

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